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1500v Photovoltaic Fuse10*85

1500v Photovoltaic Fuse10*85

Item : 1500v Photovoltaic Fuse10*85

Details :

Products overview: 
This series of fuse dc junction box is mainly used for solar photovoltaic power generation, solar photovoltaic panels may be produced to components and produced by the current feedback of the inverter circuit overload and short circuit current of the breaker, thus protecting plate solar photovoltaic components, fuse is optional for electrical components in any other dc circuit overload and short circuit protection. 
Normal working condition and installation: 
(1) ambient air temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 90 ℃ 
(2) the altitude: not more than 2000 m (if more than can indicate requirements, our company can be customized) 
(3) fuse can be vertical, horizontal or inclined installation and relative gravity direction, fusing body above inquire at the base. 
(4) the workplace has no obvious vibration and impact.

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